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Sunday School Sunday – Parents, be a role model!

Everyone was enjoying the Praise and Worship during one of the children’s presentation.

by James TC Wong

AUG 21, MIRI – Grace Methodist Church (GMC) at Mciti Square this morning celebrated its first Sunday School Sunday with almost 130 congregational members and newcomers in attendance.

The present 3rd Worship Service of GMC was first launched on March 6 this year at Jalan Airport.

Sunday School volunteer-teacher Jennifer Fam welcomed and extended her deep appreciation to everyone. “We only had 12 children during the inception of our Sunday School five months ago. We thank God that the enrollment has steadily increased to more than 30 students now,” she announced, visibly elated.

She also said that the teachers and helpers have also been impacted when they learned the Bible with the children. Fam continued to encourage the children to develop Christian values as they grow up by quoting from Romans 12:2, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

GMC Sunday School Superintendent Vivien Lim spurred the parents to share spiritual time with their children. “Be a role model. Spend an hour every week with your kids to ensure that they will have a relationship with God, ” advised Lim.

Experienced Sunday School ex-teacher Drina Ling commented that the Sunday School is a good place to mold God-fearing kids.”I strongly recommend all parents to enroll their kids in Sunday School. It is indeed a blessing to have these teachers and helpers to teach our children to love God; a big thank you to you!” said the mother of two young children.

First time visitor Amy Lee was impressed by the children’s presentations. “I noticed the kids were happily active and independent; I will certainly consider sending my girl here,” added Lee.

Other highlights of today’s event included a video clip of the Sunday School’s activities and two presentations from the children.

Guided by Romans 8:28, the sermon “In all things God works for the good” was preached by GMC Associate Lay Leader Yung Teck Chung, who is also a Lay Preacher-in-training.

Refreshments were served during fellowship after the service.

The time for the Sunday Worship Service in English at Mciti Square, Jalan Airport is from 8:30 am to 10:00 am. Concurrently, Sunday School classes are available to children ages 7 – 12 years.

For more information, kindly contact the church office at tel 085-662660. All are welcome!

‘Nur Kasih’ event at SK Pujut Corner

IMG_6811b Capt Roseline presenting a voucher to a student, witnessed by Principal Cik Suriyati
Capt. Roseline Lee presenting a gift voucher to a student, witnessed by Principal Cik Suriyati on her left.

by James TC Wong

JULY 1, MIRI - As the Holy Ramadan month draws to a close, SK Pujut Corner held a ‘Nur Kasih’ (Light of Love) event whereby students from needy families received gifts from generous donors.

Among the donors was 4th Miri Company (Sponsoring Church – Grace Methodist) of The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia who gave away gift vouchers to 20 students ages 7 to 12 years.

“We are privileged to be able to participate in this event as Muslims fast to bring the faithful closer to God and also being reminded of the suffering of the less fortunate; donating to charities and feeding the hungry,” said Capt. Roseline Lee. “We hope our small gesture can bring some joy to the recipient families,” she added.

4th Miri Company, supported by their church Social Concerns Ministry, is active in community outreach. Last Christmas they partnered Miri Marriot Resort and Spa in their ‘Make A Wish’ Christmas Tree project and also participated in the Miri District Boys’ Brigade Love Box raising 260 presents for Tudan needy residents.

Visibly elated, SK Pujut Corner Principal Cik Suriyati Binti Amit thanked the donors and expressed her appreciation. She also thanked her staff for doing a good job and encouraged all the students to excel in their studies. With Hari Raya just round the corner, Cik Suriyati took the opportunity to extend her Haya Raya greetings in advance to those who are celebrating.

4th Miri Company is open to all Boys aged from 6 to 19. Come and join us today!

The details of our Weekly Parade are as follows:
Day: Saturdays
Time: 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm
Venue: Grace Methodist Church, Lot 2853, Jalan Baiduri 6, Pujut 3A, 98000 Miri

The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia or Briged Putera Malaysia is part of the global Boys’ Brigade movement.

In Malaysia, the movement is recognized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Education as an approved Extra Curricular Activity (ECA). It is also an affiliate of the Malaysian Youth Council (Majlis Belia Malaysia), an associate member of the Council of Churches of Malaysia (CCM), and an associate member of the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF).

2016 Pastor’s Appreciation Sunday

Pastor Appreciation Sunday 2016
Appreciating Rev. Lenita Tiong (far right) with a bouquet of flowers from GMC Lay Leader Michael Lee (left) and PPRC Chairperson Amy Lau (middle). Photo credit – William Ting.

by James TC Wong

MIRI - This year Grace Methodist Church (GMC) chose June 19 to honor their Pastor and church workers.

Pastor-in-charge Rev. Lenita Tiong and church workers Jessy Yong, Chia Soh Pei, Cynthia Ewi Seling and were acknowledged for their contributions.

In her short message, Amy Lau, the Chair for Pastor-Parish Relation Committee (PPRC), thanked Rev. Lenita for her love and dedication shown towards the church members. Amy also thanked the Local Church Executive Members (LCEC) and GMC members for their love and care shown toward the pastor and church staff. “Thank you for bearing with their weaknesses and using their strengths,” Amy said.

Guest preacher Dr. Simon Wong of Kuching Trinity Methodist Church (TMC) also praised Rev. Lenita as the latter had served in TMC before.

Amy also took the opportunity to read out some comments on Rev. Lenita written by congregational members:

“L-Loving Shepherd, E-Encourager, N-Negotiatable, I–Impartial with her wisdom, T-Thoughtful, A–Approachable.”

“Rev. Lenita has the perfect pastor qualities. She is godly, approachable, kind, caring. She sets good examples for me to follow. For example, how she takes care of her mum inspires me to also take care of my mum with love and patience. She serves God faithfully, joyfully and with high a standard of excellence; encouraging me to do the same. She is someone I can run to for advice. I pray that all of us will support her in whatever ways we can to lighten her burden and workload; to make her stay in GMC a happy and memorable one.”

“A pastor that have a heart of service for her flock wherever she may be serving. One that posses a remarkable spirit of calm, a gentle being that is able to deal with the most tense situations.”

“Her leadership in Cambodia and pastor to a new generation and nation of disciples – I can say takes someone special, specially gifted in that way. Hence I’m blessed to have her as my shepherd at GMC for a second tour of duty. She was the one who literally brought me to Christ’s Kingdom in April 2002 during her first posting here and significantly always is a shepherd to me. Rev. Lenita, may God grant you the compelling desire and spirit to sustain the same in service to His Kingdom.”

“Our caring Shepherd who know us by name. Gifted preacher who keeps her sermon simple, clear, easy to understand and life-transforming.”

“In infinite wisdom the Lord surely knew that we would
Need a pastor as faithful as you.
A love for Gods word and a heart for His flock.
You give of yourself and you stand on the rock.

A Pastor never gets to say ‘I’m off duty’.
Never gets to punch out at 5 pm,
Never gets to have a normal schedule.
We don’t know how many sleepless nights they spent praying on their knees for their church,
How much opposition they face,
How many family opportunities they miss out to meet those
Who need them.”

“I’m grateful to God for having a chance to know Pastor Lenita. She is willing to lean herself towards people in order to listen carefully to them. Sometimes it doesn’t have to take a long time to become close friends if we can recognize God in their heart, mind and life. I can easily feel and understand that Jesus abides in her and that’s why she tries to listen to people’s inner voice. I believe this encounter is God’s arrangement. It’s one more reaffirming proof in my life, showing that real power of love just flows out of being not from many words.
Thank God and may God bless her and the people around her.”

“In infinite wisdom the Lord surely knew that we would
Need a pastor as faithful as you.
A love for Gods word and a heart for His flock.
You give of yourself and you stand on the rock.

A Pastor never gets to say ‘I’m off duty’.
Never gets to punch out at 5 pm,
Never gets to have a normal schedule.
We don’t know how many sleepless nights they spent praying on their knees for their church,
How much opposition they face,
How many family opportunities they miss out to meet those
Who need them.”

“GMC, once a meaningless acronym in my life, now it is part of my memorable pastoral ministries. Yes, sometimes Rev. Lenita do appear in my mind. She reminded me of the people that I met there, the ministries that I was involved over such a short period of time. Thank you for teaching me what it means to be a pastor with: Grace: by giving, Mercy: by forgiving, Compassion: by loving. These are all because you first gave, forgave and loved me.”

GMC Lay Leader Michael Lee presented a bouquet of flowers to Rev. Lenita, followed by a prayer led by Chairman Alex Tiang together with the standing congregation.

2016 4th Miri Enrolment Sunday

One for the album – group photo of BB 4th Miri. Photographer – Peter Yong.

by James TC Wong, 4th Miri

JUNE 12, MIRI - The 4th Miri Boys’ Brigade (BB) held its annual Enrolment Sunday and Re-Dedication Service at its sponsoring church, Grace Methodist (GMC).

Also present were 4th Miri BB Chaplain Tan Kok Chui and Hon. Capt. Frederick Wong. Miri District BB Helper Reymond Tiong and his wife Ling Ling, and Caleb Cheung, teacher-in-charge of BB 66th Singapore were invited guests.

Enrolment Sunday is an important element in the life of the Boys’ Brigade and of the local Church. It is a time during which the Company and the Church unite in reminding each other of their objectives and obligations. It is also a time for new Boys to formalize their membership and to accept the teaching and guidance of the Company and of the Church. For Boys renewing their membership, it is a time of reflection and affirmation of their promises for the future. Officers and Helpers also re-dedicate themselves to accept the privileges and responsibilities of leadership. The congregation also promise to support the work done by the Company and pray for their Officers and members in keeping their motto and faith.

The solemn Color March-in and March-out were received and given by Chaplain Tan.

Highlights of the event included a testimony by L/Cpl. Jonah Lau, a drama, awards and promotion ceremony.

In his testimony, 16 year-old L/Cpl. Jonah said that he had been a BB for more than half of his life. He confessed that as a Pre-Junior (7 years old), he was naughty, rebellious and uncontrollable.

“I remember that I got scolded almost every week for doing something mischievous which resulted in me getting told off and receiving punishment from the Officers and Seniors. And I’m grateful that happened. Well, the Boy’s Brigade has molded my character in almost every way. From our BB object, the character traits that I took in would be of Reverance, Obedience, Self-respect, Discipline and all that tends towards a true Christian Manliness. These five factors are very important, and they would compose all of the Fruits of the Spirit. But of course, I am still learning and the Boy’s Brigade is still molding me here and there now. I would also like to thank my parents, for bringing me into the Boy’s Brigade and encouraging me not to quit when times were hard and when I was tired from all those drills. But thank God, I received all those drills and punishments because I learned from all these was to obey every command and be disciplined,” shared L/Cpl. Jonah.

The Seniors and Juniors acted in a short drama that was inspired by the Founder’s story on the formation of The Boys’ Brigade in 1883. Led by Lt. Raymond Tie, the drama depicted the journey of how the Juniors became Seniors guided by the twin pillars of The Boys’ Brigade; Religion and Discipline.

In the Scholastic Award, Nigel Tay received the Bronze badge (4A and 1C, UPSR) and the Silver badge went to L/Cpl. Jonah Lau (8A and 1B, PT3).

L/Cpl. William Chen was promoted to Cpl. while Pte. Hebert Chui and Pte. Jonah Lau were promoted to L/Cpl.

Hon. Capt. Frederick delivered a sermon entitled ‘Do you want to be made well?’. The guiding verses were taken from The Gospel of John, 5:1-9. The key points of the sermon were: 1) Jesus comes to heal; to address our suffering and lead us to new places of life and hope. 2) God wants to lift us out of all the issues and diseases that plague us. 3) Jesus invites us to ground our lives in the promise that nothing separates us from God’s love.

“There is a teaching in every miracle Jesus performed,” says the 61-year-old Hon. Capt., who is also GMC Lay Preacher. He summed up his message by saying: “Jesus asked the paralyzed man at the pool of Bethesda – do you want to be made well? He is speaking to you and me as well, because to be made well is to be made whole, and to be made whole is to experience the gift of life in all its abundance. He is saying, do you want to experience life in all its abundance?”

Following the sermon was the Re-Dedication of Officers. It was conducted by the Chaplain, and witnessed by the Hon. Capt. and congregation.

Earlier on, 4th Miri Captain Roseline Lee presented her annual report to all present.

Love Soup again at SMPC!


by James TC Wong

JUNE 10, MIRI - In continuing the act of love shown to Curtin University undergraduates, a Small Group from Grace Methodist Church (GMC) again cooked and served chicken soup at Senadin Methodist Preaching Centre (SMPC).

The chicken soup, affectionately called the Love Soup, is traditionally served in Chinese families. The nourishing soup is known to enhance mental alertness and energy in preparation for exams.

SMPC Pastor-in-charge Rev. Jabez Tiong welcomed everyone in the packed centre. He also thanked and praised the Small Group for their love toward the students.

“I like it when the SMPC Chairman earlier mentioned that these Uncles and Aunties cooked chicken soup for strangers. This is true in the sense that most of them do not know you personally and yet they are so willing to spend their time and money to cook just for you all,” said the good shepherd. “Another piece of good news is that we have a record attendance tonight – 158 students! This means we have a ‘good problem’ with our limited space, ” Rev. Tiong added jovially.

Sabahan Celyne Foo was thrilled. “Wow, the Love Soup is here again! Every student can’t wait for this event including myself because we can taste the various types of chicken soup filled with full of love prepared by our brothers and sisters-in-Christ from GMC. I would like to thank God that there is such a group willing to spend their precious time to serve and cook soup for us each semester. May God bless them with good health and lots of happiness to do His work,” said Foo, a Year 2 undergraduate in Accounting and Finance.

“The biannual Love Soup event in SMPC has always been a great blessing for the students studying in Curtin University. Not only the chicken soup prepared by the Uncles and Aunties from GMC is delicious but it is also packed full of nutrients to nourish the students for their exams. It is always around this time that students tend to struggle or backslide in their faith in Christ especially when the going gets tough. But thank God for Love Soup, the students are able to find peace, hope and strengthen their faith. Knowing what they are studying is not for their own sake only, but to glorify God,” commented Brian Chew, a Year 2, Mechanical Engineering undergraduate from Kuching.

A group photo was taken after the dinner to document the event.

Disciple Class students on mission trip

SMPC Disciple Red Book Mission Trip Sg Buri (small file)
Disciple Class students with Gan En Methodist Church members. Photo credit – Jacky Chew.

by James TC Wong

JUNE 6, MIRI – My Disciple Red Book class for Senadin Methodist Preaching Centre (SMPC) Curtin undergraduates covered Chapter 26 last Saturday night (June 4). We are scheduled to complete the remaining 8 chapters by this September.

Usually the session is held at SMPC but last Saturday was special. I took the opportunity to host a farewell dinner to fellow Disciple student Jacky Chew from Kuala Lumpur. The Year Two Chemical Engineering Curtin undergraduate shall be continuing his tertiary education in Perth for the next semester.

Started April last year, the Red Book class (in English) was initiated by Rev. Jabez Tiong. The good shepherd of SMPC had blessed me with the task of facilitator. Nine people enrolled. One has since dropped out.

A graduation requirement for every student in the SMPC Disciple Class is to at least experience one mission trip while undertaking the 34-chapter study.

On March 20, 2016, together with four members from Gan En Methodist Church – Stephen Pan, Barbara Ruran, Kon Sang Haw, Jacky Chew, Dean Ling, Vincent Tan, Darren Gan and Brian Chew visited Rh. Kam, Rh. Ree and Rh. Turan at Sg. Buri.

Sg. Buri is about an hour’s drive from the city.

Jacky Chew shares his thoughts on the trip:

On a sunny and warm afternoon, a group of Christian students studying Disciple Red Book set out on their mission trip.

The trip is a necessity for the Disciple Course graduation. We went to the rural outskirts of Miri. Our journey started from Gan En Methodist Church to three secluded longhouses that are nevertheless accessible by vehicles.

The first destination took an hour to reach because of potholes and uneven surfaces of winding road. We would describe this experience as ‘interesting’; like gentle earthquake simulation! The road was dangerous because at certain points it was narrow and there were no road barriers alongside to prevent vehicles from accidentally falling into valleys. But thank God, our drivers were skillful and they knew the terrain well because of frequent visitations. Though there was nothing to worry about, it was still a terrifying experience for us.

Every student had to contribute to the mission trip through our pre-assigned roles. Brian was in charge of Bible-sharing, Barbara – testimony, Dean and I – Praise and Worship, while Vincent, Sang Haw and Stephen – Children’s Sunday School. Before the trip, we confessed that we were anxious and nervous because we had no prior experience doing our respective tasks except for Barbara.

We were unable to do Praise and Worship in the first two longhouses due to respect given to a recently-bereaved family and relatives.

Our program began with testimony and Bible-characters sharing instead. The Children’s Sunday School was conducted concurrently with the main service. Vincent, Sang Haw and Stephen led the children to an enclosed room in the longhouse. Because Dean and I did not do Praise and Worship, we were able to assist in the Sunday School. Dean, the assigned pianist, had to switch his task in helping out in the Sunday School for the entire mission trip. Because of miscommunication, no keyboard or piano was available on site and we did not bring our own.

In the main service, Barbara shared her interesting testimony on her struggles with God when she was a teenager. The story was really impactful as the residents listened attentively since they easily understood Barbara due to her fluency in BM. After the testimony, Brian shared about Esther’s Story and related it to his struggles during his A- Level in MCKL (Methodist College Kuala Lumpur). Brian also encountered difficulties in translating his story to the audience in BM but managed to pull through with Barbara’s help.

The Sunday School activities were very energetic. The children and teachers got along well. The children also had coloring work. During the Bible story-telling, the children listened attentively. At the end of the service, time was allocated for the residents to request for intersession. We prayed for them on the spot. Most common prayer requests were healing of health challenges.

Sg Buri Mission Trip
Sharing session with the longhouse residents. Photo credit – Jacky Chew.

We have learned so much from this mission trip. We experienced rich, indigenous culture from the interactive sessions with the residents and understood more about longhouses. We were able to glorify God through our ministry as well as strengthening our faith. We achieved our trip’s purpose!

Undoubtedly after the trip, we appreciate our lives more. Our bonding in the Disciple Class became stronger! This mission trip could be the start of an auspicious effect in our Christian life. We could emerge to be a ripple effect for future mission trips that involve evangelism, community engagement/service etc., producing potential future leaders in the Christian community, all glory and praise to God!

Here are some comments after the trip:

Seeing them worshipping God wholeheartedly in these living conditions, it has made me realized how privileged I am to easily access to the Word of God. – Vincent Tan

It was a meaningful experience. I am really glad I had a chance to come. – Stephen Pan

The kids from the longhuouses are so adorable and attentive! I hope I was able to make an impact to the community in some way. – Barbara Ruran

Language may have been the barrier and difficulty I faced to convey to the locals. But I managed to pull through and they understood the message. I believe the Word of God is truly universal and without bounds; it speaks through the heart, soul and Holy Spirit. – Brian Chew

Newly-proposed 7th Miri Coy

Group pic LR: Capt. Roseline Lee, Capt. Lawrence Wong, Capt. Tiong Hee Kwong, Lt. John Khu, Lt. Clement Chiew

by James TC Wong, 4th Miri

MAY 29, MIRI - The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia Sarawak State Council Exco members Deputy Commissioner Lawrence Wong Ching Tuong and State Secretary Roseline Lee dropped by to observe the Weekly Parade of the newly-proposed 7th Miri at its sponsoring church Life Methodist, Lutong.

The newly-proposed Company is the result of a collective effort put in months ago by dedicated Members, Helpers and Officers from 6th Miri (Sponsoring Church – Permy Methodist) and Life Methodist Church.

Visibly elated, Tiong Hee Kwong, the proposed Captain of 7th Miri, warmly welcomed the visitors. “We are much encouraged by your presence today. As we are new, we will need to count on you for your support and guidance,” he said.

Praising the newly-proposed Company, Roseline Lee said that she was encouraged by the enrollment of new Members. “Your Officers and Helpers are dedicated and we can foresee how you all will advance Christ’s Kingdom even further,” added Lee, who is also the Captain of 4th Miri.

“With the leadership of Capt. Tiong, his Officers and Helpers, I am confident that this Company will do well. Always seek to extend His Kingdom with a united heart and teamwork. I thank God that we now have 12 Companies in Northern Region including the proposed 1st Beluru Coy,” said Lawrence Wong, the BB President of Northern Region and Captain of 1st Limbang.

The Parade ended with a formal Fall-out.

Alpha in the Workplace kicks off in Miri

IMG_6540 Alpha Workplace for Connection for web
During lunch, guests view a video while enjoying the home-cooked food.

by James TC Wong, Grace Methodist Church, Miri

MIRI - Grace Methodist Church (GMC) has launched Alpha in the Workplace on last Friday, March 18.

The venue was held in town at a local inn.

Richard Lin, the Chairman of Membership and Evangelism Ministry in GMC said he was encouraged by the response. “Our door is still open to people even though the first session has commenced,” he commented.

Alpha in the Workplace consists of 15 sessions of practical introduction to the Christian faith conducted in a relaxed, stress-free environment.

The ongoing weekly Friday sessions are effected during one-hour lunches. Guests partake home-cooked food while watching a 20-minute video clip. After lunch, a group discussion ensues with guests asking questions freely.

According to Alpha Malaysia, the program aims to connect people in the marketplace to God in a manner that will lead to transformed lives, transformed businesses, transformed communities, and a transformed nation.

For more information, please contact Simon Wee at 012-850 1995.

“I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”

IMG_7932 Jeremy Lee for web
Youth Jeremy Lee giving his testimony during a prayer night at GMC.

by James TC Wong, Grace Methodist Church, Miri

SIBU - Five youths Jeremy Lee, Chai Chung Ho, Ronald Ling, Martin Ng and Stephanie Lai from Grace Methodist Church (GMC) Miri who enrolled in the Short Term Missions School (STMS) at Methodist Theological School (MTS) in early January this year have completed their course with a graduation service held at Wesley Methodist Church on March 4.

The annual two-month course in English aims to equip Christians (mainly youths) to become Christ’s disciples and to provide in-depth study for the purpose of more effective ministries. Concurrently, three-month courses are also available in Iban and Chinese languages, as well as in Music Ministry.

The total intake for this year was 135 students.

2016_11th_stms_eng_01 (for web)
Group photo of the youths attending the 11th STMS in English. Photo credit:

GMC member Michelle Chee, the mother of Jeremy Lee, was elated that her 17-year-old son attended the course. “I really thank God that I can see the positive transformation in my son. Since his return from Sibu, Jeremy has become proactive in doing household chores unlike before. Last Thursday he even attended the Prayer Night by his own initiative, praise God!”

Here’s Jeremy’s testimony:

For the past two months I had the opportunity to attend the STMS at Methodist Theological School in Sibu. I would like to share my experience and what I’ve learned throughout the course.

To be very honest, at first I wasn’t that prompted to join but in the last minute, I decided just to go for it. I’m glad that I made that decision because until this day I have no regrets.

I’ve learned a lot from doing daily devotion to build up my self-discipline. Almost every day, we had to wake up at 4:45 a.m. to prepare for early morning devotion in the chapel. That for me was the most difficult part!

The lecturers and the pastors treated us quite well by giving us the right amount of time to complete the right amount of work and at the same time, learn as much as possible. We were each assigned to different churches to do our fieldwork every weekend.

At the end of the two months, each of us with our family group were assigned to a new locality during the Mission Awareness Week. My family group was assigned to Julau, a small town situated 45-minutes drive from Sibu. We stayed for four days to share the gospel with the people there. I am grateful for the chance to experience a mission trip.

I also had the chance to experience going to longhouses together with Rev. Diong Pick Chiong of Wesley Methodist Church (WMC). Our group started our journey at 4:00 p.m. and returned around midnight. During the visit, Chung Ho and I were asked to share our personal testimony in Bahasa Malaysia. It was the first time I had to share in a different language other than English.

Other than going on missions, every Thursday after the prayer meeting we had to fast and pray until Friday lunch time. That meant that there was no supper on Thursday night! But before we broke our fast on Friday afternoon, we went to evangelize to the people of Sibu. At first I was really scared to talk but after a few tries and help from my friends, I managed to spread the gospel to a few people. Although I was rejected a number of times but that will not stop me from doing the same in future. I believe that God will speak to them someday.

Every week we had to lead a prayer meeting specifically for the STMS English students. Through this, we were able to come together as a Small Group to worship and pray for each other’s needs. Other than attending morning devotion in chapel, assignments and prayer meetings, we also had physical activities every evening like playing basketball and Frisbee. Every Tuesday or Thursday, we did gardening to clear weeds around the MTS compound. I was fortunate enough to participate in the basketball competition organized by MTS. Although I only played a few games because of my graduation, I still thank God for the opportunity.

On Saturdays we had to clean the whole dining area where we had our breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes even after dinner we would still be hungry . But luckily for us there is a food court about a 7-minute walk from MTS where we could have supper almost every night. Sometimes when we felt adventurous, we would walk to the Pasar Malam (local night market), a 15-minutes walk away. The food in Sibu is too good to resist especially the Kampua (noodles)! There was once when we walked for about 50 minutes with our fellow STMS students from the Chinese and Music class just to have the famous “Shui Guo Bing” at Taman Muhibbah. It was really a great time of fun and fellowship with my peers from all around Sarawak!

I am truly grateful that God has put me in this community of Christ to show me that although we come from different cultures and backgrounds, we can be united as one Body of Christ. I can say that throughout this two months my spiritual life has grown and improved a lot.

I now know that God has a plan for everyone of us and he wants us to surrender all to Him. Although maybe we’re facing some problems in life but through God nothing is impossible. God will never forsake us and His love is never ending. I’ll end my sharing with a verse from Philippians 4:13 (NIV) – I can do all this through him who gives me strength.