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Alpha in the Workplace kicks off in Miri

IMG_6540 Alpha Workplace for Connection for web
During lunch, guests view a video while enjoying the home-cooked food.

by James TC Wong, Grace Methodist Church, Miri

MIRI - Grace Methodist Church (GMC) has launched Alpha in the Workplace on last Friday, March 18.

The venue was held in town at a local inn.

Richard Lin, the Chairman of Membership and Evangelism Ministry in GMC said he was encouraged by the response. “Our door is still open to people even though the first session has commenced,” he commented.

Alpha in the Workplace consists of 15 sessions of practical introduction to the Christian faith conducted in a relaxed, stress-free environment.

The ongoing weekly Friday sessions are effected during one-hour lunches. Guests partake home-cooked food while watching a 20-minute video clip. After lunch, a group discussion ensues with guests asking questions freely.

According to Alpha Malaysia, the program aims to connect people in the marketplace to God in a manner that will lead to transformed lives, transformed businesses, transformed communities, and a transformed nation.

For more information, please contact Simon Wee at 012-850 1995.

“I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”

IMG_7932 Jeremy Lee for web
Youth Jeremy Lee giving his testimony during a prayer night at GMC.

by James TC Wong, Grace Methodist Church, Miri

SIBU - Five youths Jeremy Lee, Chai Chung Ho, Ronald Ling, Martin Ng and Stephanie Lai from Grace Methodist Church (GMC) Miri who enrolled in the Short Term Missions School (STMS) at Methodist Theological School (MTS) in early January this year have completed their course with a graduation service held at Wesley Methodist Church on March 4.

The annual two-month course in English aims to equip Christians (mainly youths) to become Christ’s disciples and to provide in-depth study for the purpose of more effective ministries. Concurrently, three-month courses are also available in Iban and Chinese languages, as well as in Music Ministry.

The total intake for this year was 135 students.

2016_11th_stms_eng_01 (for web)
Group photo of the youths attending the 11th STMS in English. Photo credit:

GMC member Michelle Chee, the mother of Jeremy Lee, was elated that her 17-year-old son attended the course. “I really thank God that I can see the positive transformation in my son. Since his return from Sibu, Jeremy has become proactive in doing household chores unlike before. Last Thursday he even attended the Prayer Night by his own initiative, praise God!”

Here’s Jeremy’s testimony:

For the past two months I had the opportunity to attend the STMS at Methodist Theological School in Sibu. I would like to share my experience and what I’ve learned throughout the course.

To be very honest, at first I wasn’t that prompted to join but in the last minute, I decided just to go for it. I’m glad that I made that decision because until this day I have no regrets.

I’ve learned a lot from doing daily devotion to build up my self-discipline. Almost every day, we had to wake up at 4:45 a.m. to prepare for early morning devotion in the chapel. That for me was the most difficult part!

The lecturers and the pastors treated us quite well by giving us the right amount of time to complete the right amount of work and at the same time, learn as much as possible. We were each assigned to different churches to do our fieldwork every weekend.

At the end of the two months, each of us with our family group were assigned to a new locality during the Mission Awareness Week. My family group was assigned to Julau, a small town situated 45-minutes drive from Sibu. We stayed for four days to share the gospel with the people there. I am grateful for the chance to experience a mission trip.

I also had the chance to experience going to longhouses together with Rev. Diong Pick Chiong of Wesley Methodist Church (WMC). Our group started our journey at 4:00 p.m. and returned around midnight. During the visit, Chung Ho and I were asked to share our personal testimony in Bahasa Malaysia. It was the first time I had to share in a different language other than English.

Other than going on missions, every Thursday after the prayer meeting we had to fast and pray until Friday lunch time. That meant that there was no supper on Thursday night! But before we broke our fast on Friday afternoon, we went to evangelize to the people of Sibu. At first I was really scared to talk but after a few tries and help from my friends, I managed to spread the gospel to a few people. Although I was rejected a number of times but that will not stop me from doing the same in future. I believe that God will speak to them someday.

Every week we had to lead a prayer meeting specifically for the STMS English students. Through this, we were able to come together as a Small Group to worship and pray for each other’s needs. Other than attending morning devotion in chapel, assignments and prayer meetings, we also had physical activities every evening like playing basketball and Frisbee. Every Tuesday or Thursday, we did gardening to clear weeds around the MTS compound. I was fortunate enough to participate in the basketball competition organized by MTS. Although I only played a few games because of my graduation, I still thank God for the opportunity.

On Saturdays we had to clean the whole dining area where we had our breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes even after dinner we would still be hungry . But luckily for us there is a food court about a 7-minute walk from MTS where we could have supper almost every night. Sometimes when we felt adventurous, we would walk to the Pasar Malam (local night market), a 15-minutes walk away. The food in Sibu is too good to resist especially the Kampua (noodles)! There was once when we walked for about 50 minutes with our fellow STMS students from the Chinese and Music class just to have the famous “Shui Guo Bing” at Taman Muhibbah. It was really a great time of fun and fellowship with my peers from all around Sarawak!

I am truly grateful that God has put me in this community of Christ to show me that although we come from different cultures and backgrounds, we can be united as one Body of Christ. I can say that throughout this two months my spiritual life has grown and improved a lot.

I now know that God has a plan for everyone of us and he wants us to surrender all to Him. Although maybe we’re facing some problems in life but through God nothing is impossible. God will never forsake us and His love is never ending. I’ll end my sharing with a verse from Philippians 4:13 (NIV) – I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

2016 BB Sarawak State AGM

IMG_6461 for Connection for web
2016 BB Sarawak State AGM in session.

by James TC Wong, 4th Miri

MIRI - Delegates representing 31 Companies in Sarawak attended the 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia, Sarawak State, at Mei Ann Methodist Church from March 11-12.

In the absence of State Chaplain Rev. George Wong Hin Hung who sent his apologies, Rev. Lau Hing Jin (Capt., 4th Sarikei) gave an exhortation centered on John 10:16 (NIV) that says, ” I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.”

The good shepherd encouraged all the Officers to be persistent in their ministry. “Sometimes Officers are being stumbled by unkind words but by the power from God, you won’t give up easily when you face challenges,” Rev Lau pointed out. “Pastor Roselind Merang during this morning’s workshop also gave us a timely reminder to reach out to our indigenous children so they can be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy too,” he added.

In his opening message, BB State Commissioner Hon. Capt. Lo Hoi Fook welcomed all the delegates and extended his heartfelt thanks to Mei Ann Methodist Church for the use of their excellent venue and facilities. He also shared about his thoughts on retiring from his post next year and handing over the baton to his successor. “Every alternate year, I ask myself this question: Should I continue? Frankly, I am not so worried about Sarawak State as we all have been very united and committed to our calling.”

In the second part of his speech, Commissioner Lo spoke on the importance of continuity and the different styles of leadership. “If it is the work of The Lord’s, our ministry will go on,” he reiterated. “We also have to recognize that every Officer is different, hence very often, God selects a leader who is different for God’s purpose,” he summed up.

Reports were received from the three regions. Deputy State Commissioner Hon. Capt. Hii King Ong (7th Kuching) presented the Southern Region report while Capt. Dew Ka Kiang (5th Sibu) and Deputy State Commissioner Capt. Lawrence Wong (1st Limbang) presented the Central and Northern Regions’ reports respectively.

Other essential reports included:

  • State Secretary’s Report – by Capt. Roseline Lee (4th Miri)
  • State Treasurer’s Report – by Lt. Linda Ting (1st Sibu)
  • State Training Chairman’s Report – by Lt. Aaron Tieng (7th Sibu)
  • State Extension Works Chairman’s Report – by Hon. Capt. Hii King Ong (7th Kuching)
  • State Competition Chairman’s Report – Capt. Wong Chek Ing (2nd Bintulu)

The date and venue of the 2017 AGM were proposed and accepted to be at Bintulu, from February 24 to 25.

IMG_6450 AGM Group photo (a) (b)
Group photo of the delegates from 31 Companies throughout Sarawak.

A good number of delegates arrived a day earlier to attend the State Training Workshop coordinated by Lt. Aaron Tieng, the Chairman.

The sessions in the Workshop were:

Weekday Parade Program – by Lt. Frankie Ting (1st Sibu)
Officers’ Training Program – by Capt. David Wong (8th Kuching)
Constitution Review Committee Updates – by Hon. Capt. Lo Hoi Fook (2nd Kuching)

IMG_6330 for Connection for web
A wefie shot during the Workshop led by Lt. Aaron Tieng, the Chairman for State Training.

Highlights of the Workshop included sharing from delegates from the various Companies. This is what they had to say:

Lt. Michele Pau (1st Sri Aman) - We sometimes have combined meeting with GB especially for band practice and performances. We lack Helpers and Officers in teaching the Award class. Thank God, the number of Boys is increasing!

Capt. Henry Chew (1st Bintulu) - One of the ways we reach out and do recruitment is using our community run (Running Man). The participation is around 100 people. Though the recruitment number is low, we are not discouraged at all because we strongly believe we are doing awareness and “sowing the seeds”. By doing something different, we are encouraging our Officers and Boys.

Capt. Edmund Wong (7th Kuching) - We highly recommend the Fire and Rescue Course conducted by the Fire Brigade Department which we did in Kuching. It’s a one day course ending with a theory and practical test. For those who are interested, you can contact me to find out more about it. Besides from the Officers’ Retreat(sharing our ideas and vision on how to advance God’s Kingdom), outings and Chinese New Year gathering, we also organize Officers’ Family Day once a year to strengthen our relationship among fellow officers.

Mutang Lawai Tugau (Proposed 1st Beluru) - I thank God for the efficient support I receive from the various Officers Lt. Hu Wei Ung, Capt. Roseline Lee, Reymond Tiong and others. We are still in our infancy and we welcome this BB ministry to the rural areas to benefit our students.

Capt. Roseline Lee (4th Miri) - In our school-based Parade, the teachers-in-charge play a very important role. They can make a big difference. We want to thank God that the teachers in our present affiliate-schools are committed and share the same vision in our ministry.

Capt. Yong Soon Fuan (5th Miri) - When we first started BB in our church, we faced many challenges. Over the years these challenges have strengthened us, especially in our BB band. We also established good rapport with the GB Officers. They were touched when we used the church vans to fetch their members to the Saturday church-based parade. Now the GB Officers also serve as drivers to fetch our Boys. Under the Bahasa Malaysia (BM) ministry, we are also working on the translation of the Juniors Workbook to BM. BB ministry is a rewarding ministry, thank God. We are counting our blessings!

Prizes were awarded to the winners of last year’s competitions. The results are as follows:

Team result: 1) 2nd Bintulu Team A, 2) 2nd Bintulu Team B, 3) 1st Bintulu
Best Commander: 1) Cpl. Wong Soon Kan (2nd Bintulu Team A), 2) Pte. Bobby Lee Kwong Yii (2nd Bintulu Team B), 3) Cpl. Ivan Chai Min Chi (6th Kuching)
Drill Down: 1) L/Cpl. Eric Wong Wen Hui (2nd Bintulu), 2) Cpl, Kong Ping Hao (2nd Bintulu), 3) L/Cpl. Charles Liong Zhao Gang (3rd Sibu)

Category A: 1) Lau Chong Hong (8th Sibu), 2) Brian Siew (4th Sibu), 3) Vernon Teng Dao Keng (1st Sarikei)
Category B: 1) Johnson Pau Jion Seng (2nd Bintulu), 2) Liew Guan Yi (8th Kuching), Kong Ming Chai (8th Kuching)
Category C: 1) Cpl. Kong Zhe Yi (1st Sibu), 2) Ashley Hii Shan Tai (5th Miri), 3) Cpl. Frederick Ting Toh Nih (3rd Sarikei)

Category A: 1) Christopher Yap (8th Kuching), Wilson Lu Yew Siong (1st Sarikei), 3) Lau Yong Feng (8th Sibu)
Category B: 1) RCT Nathan Sia Tze Yuan (2nd Bintulu), L/Cpl. Lee Guan Yu (2nd Bintulu), 3) L/Cpl. Lau Hui Hong (1st Sibu)
Category C: 1) Nge Kie Cheng (5th Miri), 2) Huang Wei Hong (3rd Sarikei), 3) Cpl. Wong Soon Kang (2nd Bintulu)

3rd English Sunday Worship Service takes off

IMG_6300 For website
One for the album – the congregants of the inaugural 3rd English Worship Service of Grace Methodist Church (GMC) at Mciti Square, Miri!

by James TC Wong, Grace Methodist Church, Miri

MIRI - 88 adults, 12 children and 2 babies attended the inaugural Sunday Worship Service at Mciti Square on March 6. Among the 102 congregants were 15 newcomers.

During last Thursday’s Prayer Meeting (March 3), the new premises was cleansed and blessed by the District Superintendent Rev Simon Ting Chu Yih together with the Pastor-in-charge Rev Lenita Tiong, witnessed by Lay Leader Michael Lee, Associate Lay Leaders Tan Kok Chui and Yung Teck Chung, and other church members.

In his message during the opening Sunday Worship Service, Liturgist Aaron Hii welcomed everyone to the new place of worship. “We are blessed to have this opportunity to meet the spiritual needs of the community in the airport and surrounding areas,” he added.

LCEC Vice-Chairman Paul Wong, who is also a Local Preacher candidate currently doing his practicum, delivered a sermon entitled “Awakening” using the text from John 4:27-38.

Mdm Tiong, a newcomer residing in the Luak Bay area, attended the service with her two children who are in their late teens. “My children are looking for a church to worship and this is our first visit to get the feel,” she commented with a smile.

Refreshments were served after the service ended at 10:00 am.

page Top Left clockwise – Liturgist Aaron Hii, Praise and Worship, Local Preacher candidate Paul Wong, congregants getting ready for a group photo.

The launching of the 3rd Worship Service of Miri Grace Methodist Church is in line with the 20 resolutions passed and subsequently adopted by the SCAC English Ministry Committee.

At the 2014 Annual Conference, a task force was formed under the leadership of Dr Simon Wong from Trinity Methodist Church, Kuching. This Task Force was given five key areas to study and to come up with suggestions and proposals. They were:-

• Pastoral and Lay Leadership
• Structure & efficiency of the English Ministry Com & future direction
• Small Group Ministry
• Care & Compassionate Ministry
• Youth and Young Adults

Under the area of future direction, the Committee with the support of the SCAC President Rev Dato’ Dr Su Chii Ann, envisioned an English-speaking District under SCAC.

In alignment with this vision, the planting of new churches and new congregations have to be attained. The paradigm shift from traditional church-planting methods has enabled existing churches to start new worship services and new congregations in rented premises or in existing Chinese-speaking churches.

By God’s Grace, three such congregations have started. Wesley Methodist Church took the lead and in June 2015, commenced a new English Worship Service at 11:00 am at a rented shoplot at Permai, Sibu. In January this year, Trinity Methodist Church also started an English worship service at 5:00 pm at the Chin Daw Methodist Church, Jalan Song, Kuching.

The time for the Sunday Worship Service at Mciti Square is from 8:30 am. Concurrently, Sunday School classes are available to children ages 7 – 12 years. All are welcome!

Gifts Presentation at SK Pujut Corner

IMG_6141for connection a
One for the album – group photo of the recipients, staff of SK Pujut Corner and Miri Marriott and Officers from 4th Miri Coy!

by James TC Wong, 4th Miri Coy

Jan 8, Miri - Following the successful launching of the Christmas Wish Tree project on last Nov 28 by Miri Marriott Resort and Spa, 50 students from SK Pujut Corner received their respective presents during a simple ceremony held at the school’s meeting room this morning.

Also present at the ceremony were Mr Marc Cosyns, the General Manager of Miri Marriott and Captain Roseline Lee of 4th Miri Coy.

IMG_6133for connection ab
A student receives his present from Mr Cosyns witnessed by Puan Suriyati.

In her speech, the Principal of SK Pujut Corner Puan Suriyati Binti Amit welcomed Mr Cosyns and his staff, and also acknowledged the presence of Captain Roseline and her fellow Officers. “We are honored to know that we are the only school in Miri to be chosen for this project besides the Miri Red Crescent Society (MRCS) Sunflower Centre and Miri Hospital’s Pediatric Ward. I take this opportunity to thank Marriott management for their love and care for our needy students.”

4th Miri Coy is a partner of the hotel by providing a list of 50 recipients from SK Pujut Corner.

BB Love Box brings joy

A group of recipients taking a pic with the BB Officers and Rev. Ling Biu (2nd Row, 2nd Left).

Dec 20, Miri - For the second consecutive year, the Miri Boys’ Brigade handed over gifts to 260 children and youth at Gereja Methodist Tudan (GMT) following the Sunday Worship Service this morning.

Affectionately named as the BB Love Box, the community project first started in Kuching in the year 2012 whereby the Boys’ Brigade members organize, collect and distribute presents to needy families irrespective of their race or religion.

A unique feature of the BB Love Box is that the recipient gets to pick three gifts from a wish list of five items; school bag, stationery, socks, lunch box or water bottle.

LR Captain David Wong (6th Miri), Captain Roseline Lee (4th Miri) during presentation.

Witnessed by the GMT Pastor-in-charge Rev. Ling Biu, the gifts were handed over to the recipients by BB Officers and Boys from 3rd Miri, 4th Miri and 6th Miri.

After the presentation, Rev. Ling expressed his appreciation to the generous donors from the Methodist churches. “These gifts will help the needy families to lessen their financial burden in view of today’s rising costs of living. I also wish to thank the Boys’ Brigade for their love and care for our community,” he added.

In addition, the Sarawak Northern Region Boys’ Brigade further raised 752 gifts; 324 from 5th Miri, 428 from 1st, 2nd and 4th Bintulu.

GMC @ Jalan Airport


We are starting a new English worship service at Lot 12337-2-3 (1st Floor), MCITI square, Jalan Airport soon. The first service will commence in January and the new venue will be known as GMC Jalan Airport.

The pastor and leaders of GMC saw the vision of this new ministry to meet the needs of our congregation members staying in the southern part of the Miri City and we are encouraging our members residing within 3 km of the airport to worship and serve at this new venue.

We hope that the English-speaking Christians living in the vicinity will come and join us as we reach out to the neighbouring community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Grace Methodist Church Jalan Airport
Lot 12337-2-3 (1st Floor),
MCITI square, Jalan Airport.
T +6085-662660 F +6085-652660

Rev. Lenita Tiong
Grace Methodist Church, Miri

2015 Christmas Eve Carols & Lessons

Christmas Eve Carols and Lessons
(Cast : Angels, Shepherds, Joseph, Mary, Wise men)

Call to worship Isaiah 9:6
Carol of Praise Hark the Herald Angels Sing
(As carol being sung, angels came in and move around and then gradually move out before the end of the carol)

Proclamation of the Birth Luke 2:8-14

Carol of Hope Silent Night, Holy Night
(Shepherds move in with sheep and sit on ground. Some can lie down and others care for imaginary flocks. By 2rd stanza, angels come in and announce good news. Shepherds show fear and when angels leave, shepherds discuss to move on)

Birth of the Christ Child Matthew 1:18-21, Luke 2:1-7

Carol of Joy Away in a Manger
(Joseph and Mary walk in with the baby, place baby in a manger and sit down)

The Shepherds Visit Luke 2:15-20

Carol of Worship O Come All ye Faithful
(Shepherds and Joseph and Mary leave the scene)

Testimony by one or two of the joy and love of Christmas

Visit of the Wise Men Matthew 2:1 – 12

Carol of Celebration Joy to the World
(Joseph and Mary, shepherds, wise men walk in and sit down)

Closing Prayer