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2015 Christmas Wish Tree Project

LR – Ms Chu Sze Chee, Miri Marriot’s Public Relations Officer receiving the SK Pujut Corner name list from Cpt. Roseline Lee witnessed by Lt. Margaret Lee at the Miri Marriot lobby.

by James TC Wong, 4th Miri

OCT 22, MIRI - As part of its outreach in the community, 4th Miri of The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia has partnered Miri Marriot Resort and Spa in the latter’s 2015 Christmas Wish Tree project.

Since its inception in 2006, the project undertaken by the hotel has benefited more than two thousand special and underprivileged children.

According to Mr Lian Pasan, PR and Communications Manager of Miri Marriot, this year the recipients are from the Children’s Ward Miri General Hospital, MRCS Sunflower Center and Sekolah Kebangsaan Pujut Corner.

Miri Marriot will launch a Christmas Tree at its lobby from Nov 23 to Dec 31, displaying the individual child’s card with photograph and gift wish. Guests of the hotel and members of the public are encouraged to sponsor a gift in the form of toys, clothing, school bags, shoes etc., or making a monetary donation to buy the selected present.

“We are pleased to be partnering Miri Marriot this year. In SK Pujut Corner, 50 students from needy families will realize their Christmas wish when they receive their presents and we are blessed to be involved,” said Cpt. Roseline Lee. “In a similar vein, the Boys’ Brigade Sarawak Northern Region will soon be launching its BB Love Box to collect Christmas presents for the needy families in Tudan and Kuala Baram areas. Like last year, we will again appeal to our congregational members for their support and generosity.”

To Connect and Unite – GMC Family Day

A blessed, fun-filled GMC Family Day to remember!

by James TC Wong

OCT 13, MIRI – WHAT a wonderful Wednesday morning as congregational members of Grace Methodist gathered at a local recreational club for its Family Day!

As early as 7:00 am, members started to arrive for registration. Pastor-in-charge Rev. Lenita Tiong graced the event with an opening thanksgiving prayer, followed by a ten-minute Praise Dance exercise led by Roseline Lee and Jenny Ling.

The event provided a wonderful opportunity for everyone to fellowship through play as the games’ emphasis were on unity, teamwork, communication, and trusting each other.

‘Trusting Chair’ is a challenging game whereby one needs to trust the other once the chairs are removed.

Six teams were formed to participate in the fun-filled games that required teamwork.

GMC LCEC Chairman Alex Tiang praised God for the good weather and smooth-running of the event without any untoward incidents. “It’s a very good Family Day with both young and senior GMC members joining in the games and fun time including breakfast and lunch,” he said, visibly elated.

“Good teamwork is emphasized among all ages,” commented 78 year-old Flor Nera Woodford. “The nature of activities are inspiring and challenging. The ability to support each other especially in the ‘Trusting Chair’ game requires the spirit of unity.”

“My mother, my sister and I attended the Family Day event. It was very fun. We greeted each other with head bumps. My favorite game was the ‘Alien Invasion’ in which four of my teammates and I were blindfolded and had to build an escape pod out of newspaper and straws that could contain an unbroken egg when thrown from the 1st floor. I had to trust my teammates to tell me what to do. I also had to cooperate with my fellow ‘blind friends’. I learnt a lot this family day and I hope to join again. Family Day was definitely fun,” said Serene Hii, a Primary schooler.

22 year-old Fidelis Bong praised God for a blessed and fun-filled joyful Family Day.

A scrumptious buffet lunch was served after the event ended.

Founder’s Day in Bintulu

A Guard-of-Honor for BB Sarawak State Chaplain Rev. George Wong Hin Hung, escorted by Cpt. Lawrence Wong (President, BB Sarawak Northern Region) and Cpt. Henry Chew (1st Bintulu).

by James TC Wong, 4th Miri

OCT 3, BINTULU – More than 330 Officers, Helpers, Boys and Girls converged on Eng Kwang Methodist Church to commemorate Founder’s Day.

This year, 1st Bintulu was given the honors to host the prestigious event for the Boys’ Brigade Sarawak Northern Region.

The Boys’ Brigade (BB) is an interdenominational Christian youth organisation founded by Sir William Alexander Smith in 1883. Its twin pillars are Discipline and Religion, as well as exhibiting a wholesome development in the Social, Spiritual, Educational and Physical four aspects.

Present at the event were the Sarawak BB State Chaplain Rev. George Wong Hin Hung, 1st Bintulu Chaplain Rev. Kelly Lee Sing Yian, 4th Bintulu Chaplain Rev. Yii Kah Ching, together with Sarawak Northern Region President Cpt. Lawrence Wong (1st Limbang).

Representing the Officers were Cpt. Henry Chew (1st Bintulu), Cpt. Alex Tiong (2nd Bintulu), Cpt. Boaz Teng (4th Bintulu), Cpt. Patrick Tiong (2nd Miri), Cpt. Clement Hii (3rd Miri), Cpt. Roseline Lee (4th Miri), Cpt. Yong Soon Fuan (5th Miri), and Cpt. David Wong Ing Kwong (6th Miri).

The event commenced with Members from 1st Bintulu, 2nd Bintulu and 4th Bintulu providing a Guard-of-Honor for the State Chaplain Rev. Wong, escorted by Cpt. Lawrence Wong and Cpt. Henry Chew.

This was followed by the solemn Color Guard March-in by Officers with the eight Captains receiving their respective colors.

The opening prayer was graced by Rev. Lee.

State Chaplain Rev. Wong delivered his exhortation by reminding all present of God’s promises, plans and hopes. Rev. Wong, who is also the Chaplain of 2nd Bintulu (Sponsoring Church – Ming Ong Methodist) reiterated that the hope in Christ is like an anchor for the soul. “Despite all the diseases and disasters the world has faced, Jesus will overcome them,” he assured.

The good shepherd continued to encourage Members who have yet to be baptized to receive Jesus in their lives. “Do not delay anymore. A boat can be anchored by an anchor with its direction facing downward in the water but our anchor is anchored heavenward,” proclaimed Rev. George Wong. “We are merely travelers in this life. Do not love the world but seek eternal life in heaven,” he summed up.

IMG_5683 One for the album! (small file)
One for the album – a blessed and united BB family!

In his speech, host Cpt. Henry Chew welcomed all Officers and Members for their strong support toward the event. “God has blessed the BB ministry for the past 132 years and we live to serve God,” he said.

To the Members, Cpt. Chew encouraged them to become Officers after finishing school in preparation to serve as Captains or Chaplains. “On the international level, three volunteers from Malaysia last week went to Manila to conduct training for their counterparts. I encourage you to do the same; take the initiative to expose yourselves to BB Asia, to give training and share your experiences and knowledge.”

The 1st Bintulu Captain also encouraged the Members to upgrade their skills and knowledge regularly while serving, and seek God for wisdom, strength and faith.

Other highlights included award badges presentation and a cake-cutting ceremony to celebrate the event.

In the evening, a BBQ was held at the poolside at the Kolam Awam Renang Bintulu.

For the first time, fun activities organized for the Seniors and Juniors were spectacularly captured on video by a drone manned by WO Edmund Wee of 4th Bintulu.

2015 Malaysia Day Prayer Service in Miri

Faithful Christians packed the sanctuary at Mei Ann Methodist Church.

by James TC Wong

SEP 17, MIRI - More than 900 Christians from all denominations attended the Malaysia Day Prayer Service at Mei Ann Methodist Church last night.

Themed ‘Working Together As One Body’, the annual event by the Association of Churches (ACS) was ​hosted by the Methodist Church (SCAC) and ​organized​ by the Miri District Methodist Churches this year.​

Its aim was to pray for God’s blessings for peace and justice upon Malaysia, and unity among Christians in the country.

In embracing the various ethnic Christian groups in Sarawak, the Scriptures were read out and prayers conducted in various languages.

The standing congregation sang the processional hymn ‘Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee’ as the Heads of Churches, Scripture Readers, Pastors and Worship Enablers entered the church sanctuary at 7:30 pm.

Hoisting of the National and State Flags were done by ACS Miri Branch Chairman Rt Rev Bishop Richard Ng, Diocese of Miri, The Roman Catholic Church and Bishop ​ Solomon Cheong​, ​Assistant Bishop ​of the ​Anglican Church​​ Diocese ​​of Kuching respectively after the march-in by the Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade of 1st Miri Company.

Following that, the Negaraku and Sarawak State Anthem Ibu Pertiwiku were sang.

In his message of welcome, Rt Rev Bishop Richard Ng emphasized on three key prayer items – 1) Pray for a beautiful Malaysia, 2) Pray for all Malaysians to accept one another regardless of race, religion or culture, and 3) Pray for honest, transparent and just political leaders.

The opening prayer was done by Rev Solomon Bulan in the Kelabit language.

An Iban Prayer for His Kingdom that ‘Christians to be the Light and Salt in Malaysia’ was by Rev Rosalind Ijan (Sarawak Iban Annual Conference), followed by the whole congregation praying in their own mother tongue, ‘Our Family Prayer’, The Lord’s Prayer.

Pastor Tujok Laing of BEM Pujut 3 read Psalm 133 in the Kayan language.

In the ‘Prayer for Malaysia’, Pastor Edwin Semilee Tajau of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church led the congregation in Bahasa Malaysia.

Pastor Balang Rining (BEM Miri District Superintendent) read John 13:31-35 in the Lun Bawang language.

‘Prayer for Church Unity’ in English was led by Pastor Lim Thien Leong of Piasau Baptist Church.

Pastor Terry Valten Simon led the ‘Prayer for Peace and Justice’ in the Bidayuh language.

William Balan (Roman Catholic Church) led a responsive prayer in the Kenyah language with the congregation responding in English, ‘Lord in Your mercy, hear our prayers.’

Rev Richard Chang (St Columba Anglican Church) led in the Thanksgiving Prayer for the Offering in Chinese.

The Reading of the Epistle: 1 Cor 12:12-26 was by Lawrence Megat (Roman Catholic Church) in Bahasa Malaysia.

Miri Methodist District Superintendent Rev Simon Ting Chu Yih delivered the sermon ‘Working Together as One Body’ in Mandarin. It was translated to Bahasa Malaysia by Rev Ling Biu, the Pastor-in-charge of Gereja Methodist Tudan.

Closing at 9:30 pm, Christopher Bundan (Sarawak Iban Annual Conference) conducted the ‘Prayer for Healing and Reconciliation’ in Iban.

Assistant Bishop of The Anglican Church Kuching Diocese Solomon Cheong (front right, dark jacket) giving the Benediction.

Before giving the Benediction, Assistant Bishop Solomon Cheong invited Bishop Rt Rev Richard Ng to appreciate those involved in making the event a success. “I’m very glad that tonight’s program is well-organized and I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to all,” he said.

This year’s event was ​hosted by the Methodist Church SCAC and the Organizing Committee was ​chaired by Rev. Lenita Tiong, the pastor-in-charge of Grace Methodist Church.

Other highlights of the evening included music worship with sape (a traditional lute used by the Sarawak indigenous people), and sterling performances by the Mei Ann Methodist Church Hananiah Youth Choir and the Miri District Methodist Choir.

Grace Methodist Church led the congregation in the opening praise and worship.

BNTS in Miri

Top to bottom – Group pic, Squad Commander reports to the Camp Commander, Bugle call for retreat at the closing of the training.

Story by James TC Wong, 4th Miri. Contributor – Cpt. Yong Soon Fuan, 5th Miri.

MIRI - The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia, Sarawak Northern Region Council (NRC) held a Basic Non- Commissioned Officer Training Course (BNTS) at Riam Methodist Kindergarten from July 17-19.

Led by 20 Officers and Helpers, 25 members from 1st Bintulu, 2nd Bintulu, 4th Miri, 5th Miri, 6th Miri and 1st Limbang (ages 14 – 17 years) participated.

BNTS aims at developing youth to be a Christ-centered leaders to be equipped with the 3 C’s – Calling, Competency and Character. Participants were encouraged to learn from the BB founder, Sir William Alexander Smith on Pioneer’s Character. Unity, teamwork and humility were emphasized during the course.

Modules like Christian character, communications, how to conduct meetings, presentation skills and planning were taught through interactive activities. Groups also re-converged to reflect on their mistakes made so that lessons could be shared and learned.

Excited on the newly-acquired knowledge of learning, the participants had to experience challenging activities that instilled the elements of discipline and strictness.

The 3D/2N training would be an unforgettable experience for all the participants from Bintulu, Miri and Limbang, as new friendship and bonding were formed.

One of the coaches, Cpt. Roseline Lee (4th Miri) praised the Boys for their patience and resilience. She also expressed concerns on the challenges faced by today’s youth. “Our teenagers must learn to be more self-reliant and understand the consequences of being ignorant. We are surprised that many of them are lacking in life skills like having a sharp eye for observation and doing chores. Our course will definitely equip them with these skills, and also teach them about teamwork, leadership and self-reliance,” said Cpt. Lee.

Camp Commander 5th Miri Cpt. Yong Soon Fuan reiterated that the training course would strengthen leadership skills in every BB Member and Officer. “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another – Proverbs 27:17, personally I hope all the participants have learned the key lesson on leadership, that is, a leader develops a leader. Interaction among Members and Officers is one of the unwritten modules that further encourages everyone to stay enthusiastic for the BB ministry. Today the BNTS may have ended but the journey for BB Members and Officers have just started,” summed up Cpt. Yong.

On July 19 all Officers, Helpers and Boys attended the Sunday Worship Service at Gan En Methodist Church. 5th Miri Chaplain (Sponsoring Church – Gan En Methodist) Rev. Tie King Siing closed the training with a prayer followed by lunch served.

A Timely Response to Pa’ Adang

Top left clockwise – Group pic, Opening of a new road, Roadwork completed, Carrying timber. Photo credit – SMPC

Story by James TC Wong, Contributors – Rev. Jabez Tiong, Colin Wong, Jason Soh, Adam Tiong

MIRI- Senadin Methodist Preaching Centre (SMPC) organized its first mission trip to Pa’ Adang from 29 June to 6 July recently.

Led by Rev Jabez Tiong, the majority members were from SMPC. Life Methodist Church, Hwai En Methodist Church and Permy Methodist Church also sent senior adult members to assist.

The main objective of the mission was to provide infrastructural support; transporting aggregate stones and sand for the following mission team to construct a new church in Pa’ Adang. A roadwork to enable vehicular transport was also opened from the river bank to the new church.

“In terms of stamina and physical work, the Miri Curtin Campus students found the trip to be extremely challenging,” said Rev. Jabez. “This was because they had never experienced this arduous job before,” added the pastor-in-charge of SMPC. The good shepherd was also quick to commend that he was proud of the team overcoming various challenges and members were able to focus on the tasks at hand by following a disciplined schedule without the distractions and availability of internet access and telecommunications.

The ministries of the Children’s Sunday School and Social Concerns were an integral part of the mission as well. Using interesting thematic methods, the teachers were able to teach the Penan children with different approach.

“I would like to thank Grace Methodist Church for supporting this mission trip financially. I also wish to appreciate the four adults from our other Methodist churches who play a supervisory role; taking care of the students by providing food and teaching them living skills which they could never learn in the lecture halls. May all the glory be to our Heavenly Father,” summed up Rev. Jabez.

MY PA’ ADANG STORY by Colin Wong

GREETINGS and may the peace of the Lord be with you!

I joined Pa’ Adang mission trip as I was invited by my senior, Jason Soh. At first I was reluctant because I intended to proceed with my research project during the semester break. However, he asked me this question: “God or study comes first?” I was shaken and persuaded. I was then assigned to the Children’s Sunday School ministry.

Before the mission trip, our pastor kept on reminding members that we were not going for a holiday. To serve, we had to adapt and be prepared for any circumstances and changes, he warned us.

The life in Pa’Adang is completely different from that of a city. There are no 24-hours electricity supply, no internet connection, no air-conditioning and inadequate water supply (where all men including pastor were required to bathe in the river). Due to the need of building a new church, all men were required to do physical labor (to move stones and sand) while women were mostly in charge for the Children’s Ministry and meal preparations. I was excited and energized on the first day work as it was a new experience.

Nonetheless my physical strength started to diminish after a few days. I was tired and unenthusiastic. My feet and hands were bitten by sand flies. The irritation made me uncomfortable and frustrated. I began to complain inside my heart. I forgot the objective of this mission trip, that was – to serve.

Thank God, my attitude and thoughts changed when I was working with Pastor Jabez. He did not complain – neither did he show any grievances or dissatisfaction albeit the trying circumstances. At that moment, I felt embarrassed and ashamed. I realized how weak I was – spiritually, physically and emotionally! Instead of complaining, I could have thanked God that He provided us good weather, breathtaking scenery and sufficient food and drinks. Although some fell sick, I could thank God that He has not let anyone of us be injured or harmed. If only I could be faithful in these little things, then I can be entrusted with the larger ones.

On the fifth day, the second mission trip team arrived in the evening. The team comprised of brothers and sisters -in-Christ with distinguished professions. Due to the rain, they arrived slightly later than expected. Therefore they had to work overnight after dinner to build the foundation. I joined them. When I saw all of them working collaboratively and wholeheartedly, my heart was deeply moved. Everyone was faithful in their work for the Lord, and not for men. The scene reminded me that we are each part of the body of Christ, and we are gifted in different areas. When we act on the gifts given and work together heartily, we can do great things.

I hope that I am able to apply my knowledge not only in my future job, but also in God’s work. I hope I can serve more willingly and faithfully.

Proverbs 3: 5-6: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight.”

My Pa’ Adang Story by Jason Soh 

IT WAS a wonderful 8-day mission trip travelling from Miri to Lawas, and from Lawas to Pa’ Adang, and back.

I spent a total of 6 days there to have a better experience with God. Technology has been one of the factors that causes the ignorance of God’s creation. Throughout this journey without any distraction from hi-tech devices, I was to able see Mother Nature with a better insight.

I could see and hear the cries of the needy to build up their physical and spiritual needs. From this mission trip, I have realized that it is insufficient to support the natives financially only; manpower is also very crucial. One of the limitations of the natives has is education. Therefore it will be good to focus on education to secure the future of the younger generations and create awareness in the world’s happenings.

The sermon preached by Pastor Yahya struck me in living my daily life. He preached “Strengthening our faith in the world today”. An example given by him was “building houses on rock and building houses on sand”. He reiterated an underlying basis that we have to be strong in our faith by reading the Bible and doing God’s work to prevent our “house” to fall.

Furthermore the preaching from Pastor Yahya brought a great impact to my life. He spoke on his acceptance of Christ and his experience of being a pastor in Pa’ Adang. It was a great testimony seeing how God has chosen His people to commence His ministry in the great place Pa Adang. It is my pleasure to meet Pastor Yahya and to know more about him. His sacrifice of moving from the urban town to a rural place has humbled me greatly.

In Matthew 19:26 – Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” This has inspired me that “with God everything is possible”. No matter how small and insignificant we are, if we have faith in God, everything is achievable.

My Pa’Adang Story by Adam Tiong 

AS WE disembarked next to the river, I jumped off the pickup truck and stretched. A little distance away was the 50-meter wide river that we had to cross to reach Pa’Adang, our mission field. We all began to unload all the equipment, materials and personal luggage. We began forming a relay line across the river to move all the things from one side of the river to the other.

smpc pa 2
Transporting our things through teamwork.

Our mission to Pa’ Adang was to assist the Penan people living there to construct a new church so that their old church can be converted into a school. Pa’ Adang is not accessible by road hence all the materials used for construction have to be carried into the Pa’Adang village.

Our mission team’s objective was to pave the way for the next mission team that would be arriving the following week. That team was led by Rev. Ling Biu and would continue the construction of the new church which they hoped to complete. Our team would attempt to collect as many raw materials such as sand and stones for the team, including doing some other preparatory work such as road construction and hostel building.

While I was helping to carry all our equipment from the river to the village, I decided to carry two items; a heavy piece of roofing felt and another smaller plastic bag filled with odds and ends. It was approximately one kilometer walk to the village. At the beginning, it was relatively easy even though the roofing felt was quite heavy. Overtime though as I began to tire, I couldn’t hold the roofing felt properly as the plastic bag of odd and ends became quite troublesome.

Looking back while writing this testimony, I realized that this situation reflects certain parts of my walk with God. In becoming a disciple of Christ, I have learned to carry my Cross through life. However along the way we become so bogged down with other worries of life that carrying the cross seems harder than ever and we are sorely tempted to put it down. The opposite in fact should be the case. By setting aside all other worries and focusing on carrying our cross, our journey through life will be a lot easier and purposeful with Christ by our side.

For the first two days that we were there, the men were divided into two groups. One group was to collect and transport sand and stones from the nearby riverside to the building site, and another group to clear and prepare a temporary road up to the building site from the existing church. I volunteered to join the group that was going to create the road, seeing as I had never done that before.

Under the supervision of Bro. Gilbert Hii, we began to clear and level a road from the bottom of the hill where the old church is located, up to the top of the hill where the building site for the new church is located. We began by clearing away the undergrowth that blocked a straight path up to the building site, and then leveling any uneven ground with gardening hoes and shoveling the excess dirt into holes or low parts of the road to make it more even.

During the first day working on the road, I decided to do all I could and put all my energy into it. I tried to work and hard and as fast as I could, and at the beginning declined to take a break even when I felt tired. By the end of that first day I had lost all my energy and even fell sick going into the second day. I had to take the second afternoon off to recover from my sickness.

While recovering, I realized that I had fallen into the trap of taking too much pride in myself. Most of the time, we become prideful in the form of boasting or recognition. However from this experience, I realized that choosing not to admit our weakness is also a form of pride that is equally dangerous. By admitting that we are weak or lost in certain parts of our lives, we can then allow God help us in those areas. By allowing God to work in our lives, we can then benefit ourselves, the people around us and the work we do for our Lord.

Going back to work the following day, I decided to go join the group collecting sand and stones at the riverbank, as I heard that there would be more shade there so I could recover better. Working slowly, I understood that I had reached my limit the day before by overextending myself in the work process. By focusing too much on the work and what I myself could do, I forgot to focus on God in the process of the mission. It was a sharp reminder that we all are God’s tools and we need to be humble enough to set aside all our worries and pride to let God work through us.

smpc pa6
Collecting sand and stones.

All throughout the mission I was constantly reminded at the beauty of God’s creation. As we woke up at around 6am every morning for daily devotion, we could see the breaking of dawn as the sunlight hits the hilltops surrounding Pa’Adang that were still covered with low hanging clouds. Cold crisp air gave way to a clean fresh earthly smell as the day progressed to noontime. After work each day, all the men would bathe in the river to conserve water in the hostel. The river is very clean and we used it for bathing and washing our clothes. There is a part of the river that rushes over a bed of rocks which is ideal for scrubbing our clothes. The water is clean and cold, and rushes along quite fast which makes it ideal for rinsing. In the deeper part of the river, the current slows and turns greenish as it becomes deeper, making a very refreshing scene. As night, the air turns fresh and cold again, and due to the lack of night activities, we sit around the dining table talking and singing along to songs from our mission pamphlets until we went off to sleep around 10 pm.

This mission trip helped me understand more about myself in terms of my values and understanding God. It also enabled me to be closer to God’s creation; to understand why and how we go about doing His will. Although it was a tough week, all in all it was one of the most memorable missions I have ever been and I thank the Lord for leading me to Pa’Adang.

2015 Bible Knowledge Quiz

2015 BK Champions SMK Methodist Sibu
2015 Champions SMK Methodist Sibu!

Story and pic by Wong Kung Kui

MIRI – The 4th Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) Bible Knowledge (BK) quiz Sarawak Zone was held at SMK St Columba on July 11 with the participation of 120 secondary students throughout Sarawak.

The aim of the quiz was to test SPM BK students on their knowledge of the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts.

Many Christian parents and students are still not aware that BK is offered as a subject in SPM. Students can opt to take up BK in their respective schools and it is not limited to missionary schools only. Hence the quiz also hopes to raise awareness among students in BK.

“The BK quizzes are student-friendly, fun events. They are not exams. Last year’s individual quiz (BK14) saw excellent scores from Forms 1-6. Oral quiz gets SPM BK candidates to notice details, major events and God-moments. Get into the Word now. God speaks to the reader, the seeker and the Bible scholar,” said Kua Kun Han, the founder of BK quiz. Kua founded the BK quiz 19 years ago with the cooperation from the Malayan Christian School’s Council (MCSC), Scripture Union and some BK teachers from KL and Selangor.

In addition, BK 15 contestants (Form 1-3) who are not sitting for their SPM this year were able to benefit by participating in the written quiz hence preparing them as future SPM BK candidates

SMK Methodist Sibu took the 1st and 3rd place in the SPM BK Oral Category, with SMK St Columba clinching 2nd place.

In the BK 15 Upper Form (4-5) Category written quiz, Fourth Former Jemima Hii Beng Eng (SMK Methodist Sibu) was placed first followed by Victor Lee Zheng Siang from SMK Dato Permaisuri and third place both from Form Four SMK St Columba, namely Florence Wong Jia Yi and Roshanth Aaron James.

Marina Wong Mei Ing, a Form Three student of SMK St Columba Miri topped the Lower Form category (Form 1-3). The second place went to Gerald Lisson Ralphie of SMK Lutong Miri followed by Esther Lau Yi Ci, a Form Three student from SMK St Columba.

The judges were Rev. Lenita Tiong (Grace Methodist Church, Miri), Catherine Chia (St. Joseph Cathedral, Miri), and Sii Ling (Grace Methodist Church, Miri).

Meechang Tuie, the Chairman Teachers’ Christian Fellowship Miri and Principal of SMK St Columba was present to congratulate and give away prizes to the winners.

In his closing speech, Meechang welcomed and thanked all the participants and judges for their support to the event. He encouraged participants to study harder to deepen their faith in Christ. “For God’s Word is the foundation of Christian faith,” he said.

“I would also like to thank the organizing committee, the helpers and students for a job well-done. I believe it is right and good for us as a Mission School to host such a significant and meaningful event and let us be reminded to work closely to glorify God. I hope this event will continue to bless more students,” he added.

“BK Oral Quiz East Malaysia Zone has started in year 2012 in SMK St Columba. This year marks another breakthrough for BK quiz, because a new regional center started in Kota Kinabalu. I am hoping to see more participants from other divisions in Sarawak to join the quiz in near future. Indeed I’m so thankful to the Christian teachers in SMK St Columba. They have shown unity in Christ working together as a team to make this event a successful one.” said Wong Kung Kui, the Coordinator for the quiz.

The event was organized by the Malayan Christian Schools’ Council (MCSC), Scripture Union and SMK St Columba, and sponsored by Grace Methodist Church.

Chief Judge Rev Lenita Tiong from Grace Methodist Church took the opportunity to encourage and motivate the participants. “You all have done a great job in today’s quiz,” she praised them.

The top finalists for SPM BK oral quiz have qualified to join the national finals at SMK Assunta, Petaling Jaya on Aug 1. The grand finale is the climax for the event and the organizer is expecting 600-700 participants from throughout Malaysia.

BB Enrolment Sunday

One for the album – group photo of BB 4th Miri! Photo credit – Abel Wong.

by James TC Wong, 4th Miri

JUNE 28, MIRI - The 4th Miri Boys’ Brigade (BB) held its annual Act of Enrolment and Re-Dedication Service yesterday at its sponsoring church, Grace Methodist (GMC).

Also present were Rev. Lenita Tiong, the pastor-in-charge of GMC, 4th Miri BB Chaplain Tan Kok Chui, and Honorary Captain Frederick Wong.

Enrolment Sunday is an important element in the life of the Boys’ Brigade and of the local Church. It is a time during which the Company and the Church unite in reminding each other of their objectives and obligations. It is also a time for new Boys to formalize their membership and to accept the teaching and guidance of the Company and of the Church. For Boys renewing their membership, it is a time of reflection and affirmation of their promises for the future. Officers and Helpers also re-dedicate themselves to accept the privileges and responsibilities of leadership. The congregation also promise to support the work done by the Company and pray for their Officers and members in keeping their motto and faith.

“Thank God we have new members from SMK Dato Permaisuri Miri who are enrolling today. We also want to thank the school teachers-in-charge for their commitment in sending their Boys to the Parade every Saturday afternoon,” said Captain Roseline Lee in her message. “We are also looking for more helpers in our ministry,” she added.

The solemn Colour March-in and March-out were received and given by Chaplain Tan.

Honorary Captain Wong and the congregation witnessed the Act of Enrolment and Re-Dedication of Officers and Helpers conducted by the Chaplain.

Private William Chen was promoted to Lance Corporal while Lance Corporal Howard Chiu was promoted to Corporal. Warrant Officer Raymond Tie was promoted to Lieutenant.

A performance was presented by the Seniors and Juniors before the service ended.

Pastors’ Appreciation Sunday in GMC

For Connection
(Clockwise Top-right) Associate Lay Leader Tan Kok Chui leads the congregation to pray for Rev. Lenita; Lay Leader Michael Lee presents a bouquet of flowers to Rev. Lenita; Chairman Alex Tiang presents a love gift to Rev. Lenita; PPRC Chairwoman Amy Shih edifies Rev. Lenita.

by James TC Wong

MIRI - June 14 marked a special day for the Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference (SCAC) as the Methodist congregations honored their pastors and church workers for their hard work, sacrifices and blessings.

In Grace Methodist Church (GMC) yesterday, workers Oliver Wong, Jessy Yong, Siddai and Rev. Lenita Tiong were acknowledged for their contributions.

In her speech, Amy Shih, the Chairwoman for Pastor-Parish Relation Committee (PPRC) thanked Rev. Lenita for her love and dedication shown towards the church members since the latter’s appointment as the pastor-in-charge of GMC six months ago.

Shih also took the opportunity to read out some edifying notes written by church members and leaders.

“To me, Rev. Lenita is a Godly woman who honors God in all that she says and does. She is wise in God’s eyes, like mentioned in Proverbs 31:26.”

“She is a friend and sister whom I can count on; always helps me to see my worth in God’s eyes and reminding His good works and grace in my life. She spares her time to minister to the needy regardless how busy she is. She has a personal touch. I am amazed by the effort she puts to remember the names of so many members.”

“She has a powerful mind to face daily challenges with undaunted courage. A wise leader who is very firm on her decisions and directions but yet when you work with her, you won’t feel intimidated like lady bosses do. Instead you can feel her humility, sincerity and willingness to listen to you and your opinions, and guide you through the problems. Yes, she is a rare Foochow woman who speaks very gently; always affirming people with encouraging words together with her signature smile.”

“Though I only came to know Rev. Lenita not long ago but the encounter with her is really like we’ve known each other. She is very encouraging and guides me through trying circumstances. I believe our church is truly blessed as she encourages us to be nearer to God each day. I thank God for her presence here. I thank Rev. Lenita for committing her life for God.”

“When Rev. Lenita got to know about our Sunday school H4kids, she didn’t stop showing concerns and praying for the program. She would always ask about the progress of the program and shared prayer requests during Thursday evening. I am greatly encouraged by her for being a great shepherd and coach to us.”

Visibly elated, Rev. Lenita thanked everyone for their love and care. “Let’s aim to make GMC the beacon of light in our community,” she urged the congregation.

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Lay Preacher Frederick Wong delivering a timely message to the congregation.

Frederick Wong delivered a timely message entitled “Too many hats” to the congregation. “It’s really not easy to be a pastor because he or she often has to play different roles, and yet sometimes receive unkind criticisms from the flock. Every pastor has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. I believe every pastor is Godsend and therefore he or she has our best interests at heart,” said the GMC Lay Preacher who is now on practicum.

Wong also cautioned the congregation against words used or actions that could stumble pastors. “Don’t treat your pastor to a meal because you have an ulterior motive,” Wong said to the amused congregation who responded with laughter. “Just have a good meal and fellowship,” he added. He continued to advise the members with a list of things to do to lift up pastors.

In summing up, Wong reminded the congregation to remember that appreciation, affirmation and prayer support of pastors were needed throughout the year. “It’s tough to be a full-time pastor and God has entrusted Rev. Lenita to take care of our spiritual well-being and therefore let us all support her fully.”