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Gifts Presentation at SK Pujut Corner

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One for the album – group photo of the recipients, staff of SK Pujut Corner and Miri Marriott and Officers from 4th Miri Coy!

by James TC Wong, 4th Miri Coy

Jan 8, Miri - Following the successful launching of the Christmas Wish Tree project on last Nov 28 by Miri Marriott Resort and Spa, 50 students from SK Pujut Corner received their respective presents during a simple ceremony held at the school’s meeting room this morning.

Also present at the ceremony were Mr Marc Cosyns, the General Manager of Miri Marriott and Captain Roseline Lee of 4th Miri Coy.

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A student receives his present from Mr Cosyns witnessed by Puan Suriyati.

In her speech, the Principal of SK Pujut Corner Puan Suriyati Binti Amit welcomed Mr Cosyns and his staff, and also acknowledged the presence of Captain Roseline and her fellow Officers. “We are honored to know that we are the only school in Miri to be chosen for this project besides the Miri Red Crescent Society (MRCS) Sunflower Centre and Miri Hospital’s Pediatric Ward. I take this opportunity to thank Marriott management for their love and care for our needy students.”

4th Miri Coy is a partner of the hotel by providing a list of 50 recipients from SK Pujut Corner.

BB Love Box brings joy

A group of recipients taking a pic with the BB Officers and Rev. Ling Biu (2nd Row, 2nd Left).

Dec 20, Miri - For the second consecutive year, the Miri Boys’ Brigade handed over gifts to 260 children and youth at Gereja Methodist Tudan (GMT) following the Sunday Worship Service this morning.

Affectionately named as the BB Love Box, the community project first started in Kuching in the year 2012 whereby the Boys’ Brigade members organize, collect and distribute presents to needy families irrespective of their race or religion.

A unique feature of the BB Love Box is that the recipient gets to pick three gifts from a wish list of five items; school bag, stationery, socks, lunch box or water bottle.

LR Captain David Wong (6th Miri), Captain Roseline Lee (4th Miri) during presentation.

Witnessed by the GMT Pastor-in-charge Rev. Ling Biu, the gifts were handed over to the recipients by BB Officers and Boys from 3rd Miri, 4th Miri and 6th Miri.

After the presentation, Rev. Ling expressed his appreciation to the generous donors from the Methodist churches. “These gifts will help the needy families to lessen their financial burden in view of today’s rising costs of living. I also wish to thank the Boys’ Brigade for their love and care for our community,” he added.

In addition, the Sarawak Northern Region Boys’ Brigade further raised 752 gifts; 324 from 5th Miri, 428 from 1st, 2nd and 4th Bintulu.

GMC @ Jalan Airport


We are starting a new English worship service at Lot 12337-2-3 (1st Floor), MCITI square, Jalan Airport soon. The first service will commence in January and the new venue will be known as GMC Jalan Airport.

The pastor and leaders of GMC saw the vision of this new ministry to meet the needs of our congregation members staying in the southern part of the Miri City and we are encouraging our members residing within 3 km of the airport to worship and serve at this new venue.

We hope that the English-speaking Christians living in the vicinity will come and join us as we reach out to the neighbouring community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Grace Methodist Church Jalan Airport
Lot 12337-2-3 (1st Floor),
MCITI square, Jalan Airport.
T +6085-662660 F +6085-652660

Rev. Lenita Tiong
Grace Methodist Church, Miri

2015 Christmas Eve Carols & Lessons

Christmas Eve Carols and Lessons
(Cast : Angels, Shepherds, Joseph, Mary, Wise men)

Call to worship Isaiah 9:6
Carol of Praise Hark the Herald Angels Sing
(As carol being sung, angels came in and move around and then gradually move out before the end of the carol)

Proclamation of the Birth Luke 2:8-14

Carol of Hope Silent Night, Holy Night
(Shepherds move in with sheep and sit on ground. Some can lie down and others care for imaginary flocks. By 2rd stanza, angels come in and announce good news. Shepherds show fear and when angels leave, shepherds discuss to move on)

Birth of the Christ Child Matthew 1:18-21, Luke 2:1-7

Carol of Joy Away in a Manger
(Joseph and Mary walk in with the baby, place baby in a manger and sit down)

The Shepherds Visit Luke 2:15-20

Carol of Worship O Come All ye Faithful
(Shepherds and Joseph and Mary leave the scene)

Testimony by one or two of the joy and love of Christmas

Visit of the Wise Men Matthew 2:1 – 12

Carol of Celebration Joy to the World
(Joseph and Mary, shepherds, wise men walk in and sit down)

Closing Prayer

Miri Marriott launches Christmas Wish Tree

Group photo taken after the official launching of the Christmas Wish Tree with YB Datuk Lee Kim Shin (8th from right) and Marc Cosyns (next to YB Datuk Lee).

by James TC Wong, 4th Miri

NOV 28, MIRI - Last evening 4th Miri Coy was invited to the official launching of the Christmas Wish Tree project at Miri Marriott Resort & Spa.

As an annual event of Miri Marriott’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) community service, more than two thousand special and needy children in Miri have benefited from the Christmas Wish Tree project since its inception in 2006.

4th Miri Coy is a partner of the hotel this year by providing a list of 50 recipients from SK Pujut Corner.

The guest-of-honor YB Datuk Lee Kim Shin, the Assistant Minister of Social Development and Assistant Minister of Communication of Sarawak, lighted up the Christmas Tree together with Marc Cosyns, the General Manager of Miri Marriott.

In his speech, Datuk Lee thanked and congratulated the hotel for helping the needy. He also reiterated that Miri Marriott is leading by a fine example in their CSR and commended their staff. “Considering ourselves fortunate, let us not forget the needy children as we celebrate the coming Christmas,” he said as he summed up his speech.

“This year we have 280 beneficiaries from the Miri Red Crescent Society (MRCS) Sunflower Centre, Miri Hospital’s Pediatric Ward and SK Pujut Corner,” said Cosyns. “All the children’s wishes are displayed along with their photographs on our Christmas Wish Tree. From now until 31 December, hotel guests and public are welcomed to sponsor the children wishes, either by purchasing their gift or making cash contributions towards their purchase,” he added. “Let’s jointly make the children Christmas Wish come true!”

2015 Christmas Wish Tree Project

LR – Ms Chu Sze Chee, Miri Marriott’s Public Relations Officer receiving the SK Pujut Corner name list from Cpt. Roseline Lee witnessed by Lt. Margaret Lee at the Miri Marriot lobby.

by James TC Wong, 4th Miri

OCT 22, MIRI - As part of its outreach in the community, 4th Miri of The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia has partnered Miri Marriott Resort and Spa in the latter’s 2015 Christmas Wish Tree project.

Since its inception in 2006, the project undertaken by the hotel has benefited more than two thousand special and underprivileged children.

According to Mr Lian Pasan, PR and Communications Manager of Miri Marriott, this year the recipients are from the Children’s Ward Miri General Hospital, MRCS Sunflower Center and Sekolah Kebangsaan Pujut Corner.

Miri Marriott will launch a Christmas Tree at its lobby from Nov 23 to Dec 31, displaying the individual child’s card with photograph and gift wish. Guests of the hotel and members of the public are encouraged to sponsor a gift in the form of toys, clothing, school bags, shoes etc., or making a monetary donation to buy the selected present.

“We are pleased to be partnering Miri Marriott this year. In SK Pujut Corner, 50 students from needy families will realize their Christmas wish when they receive their presents and we are blessed to be involved,” said Cpt. Roseline Lee. “In a similar vein, the Boys’ Brigade Sarawak Northern Region will soon be launching its BB Love Box to collect Christmas presents for the needy families in Tudan and Kuala Baram areas. Like last year, we will again appeal to our congregational members for their support and generosity.”

To Connect and Unite – GMC Family Day

A blessed, fun-filled GMC Family Day to remember!

by James TC Wong

OCT 13, MIRI – WHAT a wonderful Wednesday morning as congregational members of Grace Methodist gathered at a local recreational club for its Family Day!

As early as 7:00 am, members started to arrive for registration. Pastor-in-charge Rev. Lenita Tiong graced the event with an opening thanksgiving prayer, followed by a ten-minute Praise Dance exercise led by Roseline Lee and Jenny Ling.

The event provided a wonderful opportunity for everyone to fellowship through play as the games’ emphasis were on unity, teamwork, communication, and trusting each other.

‘Trusting Chair’ is a challenging game whereby one needs to trust the other once the chairs are removed.

Six teams were formed to participate in the fun-filled games that required teamwork.

GMC LCEC Chairman Alex Tiang praised God for the good weather and smooth-running of the event without any untoward incidents. “It’s a very good Family Day with both young and senior GMC members joining in the games and fun time including breakfast and lunch,” he said, visibly elated.

“Good teamwork is emphasized among all ages,” commented 78 year-old Flor Nera Woodford. “The nature of activities are inspiring and challenging. The ability to support each other especially in the ‘Trusting Chair’ game requires the spirit of unity.”

“My mother, my sister and I attended the Family Day event. It was very fun. We greeted each other with head bumps. My favorite game was the ‘Alien Invasion’ in which four of my teammates and I were blindfolded and had to build an escape pod out of newspaper and straws that could contain an unbroken egg when thrown from the 1st floor. I had to trust my teammates to tell me what to do. I also had to cooperate with my fellow ‘blind friends’. I learnt a lot this family day and I hope to join again. Family Day was definitely fun,” said Serene Hii, a Primary schooler.

22 year-old Fidelis Bong praised God for a blessed and fun-filled joyful Family Day.

A scrumptious buffet lunch was served after the event ended.

Founder’s Day in Bintulu

A Guard-of-Honor for BB Sarawak State Chaplain Rev. George Wong Hin Hung, escorted by Cpt. Lawrence Wong (President, BB Sarawak Northern Region) and Cpt. Henry Chew (1st Bintulu).

by James TC Wong, 4th Miri

OCT 3, BINTULU – More than 330 Officers, Helpers, Boys and Girls converged on Eng Kwang Methodist Church to commemorate Founder’s Day.

This year, 1st Bintulu was given the honors to host the prestigious event for the Boys’ Brigade Sarawak Northern Region.

The Boys’ Brigade (BB) is an interdenominational Christian youth organisation founded by Sir William Alexander Smith in 1883. Its twin pillars are Discipline and Religion, as well as exhibiting a wholesome development in the Social, Spiritual, Educational and Physical four aspects.

Present at the event were the Sarawak BB State Chaplain Rev. George Wong Hin Hung, 1st Bintulu Chaplain Rev. Kelly Lee Sing Yian, 4th Bintulu Chaplain Rev. Yii Kah Ching, together with Sarawak Northern Region President Cpt. Lawrence Wong (1st Limbang).

Representing the Officers were Cpt. Henry Chew (1st Bintulu), Cpt. Alex Tiong (2nd Bintulu), Cpt. Boaz Teng (4th Bintulu), Cpt. Patrick Tiong (2nd Miri), Cpt. Clement Hii (3rd Miri), Cpt. Roseline Lee (4th Miri), Cpt. Yong Soon Fuan (5th Miri), and Cpt. David Wong Ing Kwong (6th Miri).

The event commenced with Members from 1st Bintulu, 2nd Bintulu and 4th Bintulu providing a Guard-of-Honor for the State Chaplain Rev. Wong, escorted by Cpt. Lawrence Wong and Cpt. Henry Chew.

This was followed by the solemn Color Guard March-in by Officers with the eight Captains receiving their respective colors.

The opening prayer was graced by Rev. Lee.

State Chaplain Rev. Wong delivered his exhortation by reminding all present of God’s promises, plans and hopes. Rev. Wong, who is also the Chaplain of 2nd Bintulu (Sponsoring Church – Ming Ong Methodist) reiterated that the hope in Christ is like an anchor for the soul. “Despite all the diseases and disasters the world has faced, Jesus will overcome them,” he assured.

The good shepherd continued to encourage Members who have yet to be baptized to receive Jesus in their lives. “Do not delay anymore. A boat can be anchored by an anchor with its direction facing downward in the water but our anchor is anchored heavenward,” proclaimed Rev. George Wong. “We are merely travelers in this life. Do not love the world but seek eternal life in heaven,” he summed up.

IMG_5683 One for the album! (small file)
One for the album – a blessed and united BB family!

In his speech, host Cpt. Henry Chew welcomed all Officers and Members for their strong support toward the event. “God has blessed the BB ministry for the past 132 years and we live to serve God,” he said.

To the Members, Cpt. Chew encouraged them to become Officers after finishing school in preparation to serve as Captains or Chaplains. “On the international level, three volunteers from Malaysia last week went to Manila to conduct training for their counterparts. I encourage you to do the same; take the initiative to expose yourselves to BB Asia, to give training and share your experiences and knowledge.”

The 1st Bintulu Captain also encouraged the Members to upgrade their skills and knowledge regularly while serving, and seek God for wisdom, strength and faith.

Other highlights included award badges presentation and a cake-cutting ceremony to celebrate the event.

In the evening, a BBQ was held at the poolside at the Kolam Awam Renang Bintulu.

For the first time, fun activities organized for the Seniors and Juniors were spectacularly captured on video by a drone manned by WO Edmund Wee of 4th Bintulu.

2015 Malaysia Day Prayer Service in Miri

Faithful Christians packed the sanctuary at Mei Ann Methodist Church.

by James TC Wong

SEP 17, MIRI - More than 900 Christians from all denominations attended the Malaysia Day Prayer Service at Mei Ann Methodist Church last night.

Themed ‘Working Together As One Body’, the annual event by the Association of Churches (ACS) was ​hosted by the Methodist Church (SCAC) and ​organized​ by the Miri District Methodist Churches this year.​

Its aim was to pray for God’s blessings for peace and justice upon Malaysia, and unity among Christians in the country.

In embracing the various ethnic Christian groups in Sarawak, the Scriptures were read out and prayers conducted in various languages.

The standing congregation sang the processional hymn ‘Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee’ as the Heads of Churches, Scripture Readers, Pastors and Worship Enablers entered the church sanctuary at 7:30 pm.

Hoisting of the National and State Flags were done by ACS Miri Branch Chairman Rt Rev Bishop Richard Ng, Diocese of Miri, The Roman Catholic Church and Bishop ​ Solomon Cheong​, ​Assistant Bishop ​of the ​Anglican Church​​ Diocese ​​of Kuching respectively after the march-in by the Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade of 1st Miri Company.

Following that, the Negaraku and Sarawak State Anthem Ibu Pertiwiku were sang.

In his message of welcome, Rt Rev Bishop Richard Ng emphasized on three key prayer items – 1) Pray for a beautiful Malaysia, 2) Pray for all Malaysians to accept one another regardless of race, religion or culture, and 3) Pray for honest, transparent and just political leaders.

The opening prayer was done by Rev Solomon Bulan in the Kelabit language.

An Iban Prayer for His Kingdom that ‘Christians to be the Light and Salt in Malaysia’ was by Rev Rosalind Ijan (Sarawak Iban Annual Conference), followed by the whole congregation praying in their own mother tongue, ‘Our Family Prayer’, The Lord’s Prayer.

Pastor Tujok Laing of BEM Pujut 3 read Psalm 133 in the Kayan language.

In the ‘Prayer for Malaysia’, Pastor Edwin Semilee Tajau of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church led the congregation in Bahasa Malaysia.

Pastor Balang Rining (BEM Miri District Superintendent) read John 13:31-35 in the Lun Bawang language.

‘Prayer for Church Unity’ in English was led by Pastor Lim Thien Leong of Piasau Baptist Church.

Pastor Terry Valten Simon led the ‘Prayer for Peace and Justice’ in the Bidayuh language.

William Balan (Roman Catholic Church) led a responsive prayer in the Kenyah language with the congregation responding in English, ‘Lord in Your mercy, hear our prayers.’

Rev Richard Chang (St Columba Anglican Church) led in the Thanksgiving Prayer for the Offering in Chinese.

The Reading of the Epistle: 1 Cor 12:12-26 was by Lawrence Megat (Roman Catholic Church) in Bahasa Malaysia.

Miri Methodist District Superintendent Rev Simon Ting Chu Yih delivered the sermon ‘Working Together as One Body’ in Mandarin. It was translated to Bahasa Malaysia by Rev Ling Biu, the Pastor-in-charge of Gereja Methodist Tudan.

Closing at 9:30 pm, Christopher Bundan (Sarawak Iban Annual Conference) conducted the ‘Prayer for Healing and Reconciliation’ in Iban.

Assistant Bishop of The Anglican Church Kuching Diocese Solomon Cheong (front right, dark jacket) giving the Benediction.

Before giving the Benediction, Assistant Bishop Solomon Cheong invited Bishop Rt Rev Richard Ng to appreciate those involved in making the event a success. “I’m very glad that tonight’s program is well-organized and I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to all,” he said.

This year’s event was ​hosted by the Methodist Church SCAC and the Organizing Committee was ​chaired by Rev. Lenita Tiong, the pastor-in-charge of Grace Methodist Church.

Other highlights of the evening included music worship with sape (a traditional lute used by the Sarawak indigenous people), and sterling performances by the Mei Ann Methodist Church Hananiah Youth Choir and the Miri District Methodist Choir.

Grace Methodist Church led the congregation in the opening praise and worship.